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The Lombardi Sisters
Party Lombardi



Hi, it's us, the Lombardi Sisters! Two sisters, best friends,and Colorado natives ready to help elevate your event! 

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Lombardi sisters

We're two sisters and Colorado natives who grew up planning and living for highly detailed, planned, and executed events!


It all started in the ‘90s. We were fortunate to grow up in a large Italian family and were constantly surrounded by birthdays, weddings, celebrations, you name it. It didn't matter what type of event it was, in fact, most of these parties were thrown in family members’ garages or basements. The point was, we remember feeling this special sense of celebration and intimacy. We were raised to always celebrate and appreciate the smallest and biggest achievements in life. The bonus was sharing those memories surrounded by our favorite people. It sparked something in us at a young age to want to plan events, but not just your standard event, we were suckers for a good theme.


During our 20s, we started planning and throwing some pretty epic themed events for our own celebrations, friends, and family. All of the details and planning that went into these parties made it apparent that we really had a passion for this but never considered doing it full-time. We were fortunate enough to grow up under the hands of our inspiring and talented great-grandmother, Lydia. We spent the majority of our childhood at her home, where we were raised on crafting and sewing machines. It's her work that actually inspired Angelica to continue her legacy and open up an Etsy Shop, ‘Party Lombardi’ in 2019 where she was selling customized party favors and bachelorette decor.


After planning our own bachelorette parties and weddings we quickly realized it was time to expand from an Etsy shop and have Maria join Party Lombardi to do this party thing for real! Since then, we’ve been honored to help plan and execute so many incredible events around the Denver Metro area. We put so much love, detail, and passion into every event and want you to walk away feeling that same type of celebration and intimacy we felt as little kids.


Bonus, we grew up in the heart of Denver and we know all the hot spots, Instagram-able places, and top dining experiences to guarantee the best time in the Mile High City! We're here to help every step of the way and hope to make party magic with you soon. Thank you for supporting our local small business!



Angelica and Maria Lombardi

Image by Jason Leung



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